Web Analytics

Decisions and objectives based on accurate data

Analyse, measure and determine compliance with your business KPIs with our web analytics service. We interpret real data to make the right decisions for your business with a great probability of success.

Our analytics services help you evaluate and understand the actions taken on your website, in order to improve the following marketing proposals, optimise ROI and business objectives.

By choosing the digital analytics service you will obtain:

An understanding of your users

Get to know the real behaviour of visitors to your website so that you can achieve your objectives. Web analytics allows, through data, to discover the actions of users who access your site, and therefore make decisions to improve the experience.

Increased conversions

We offer you proposals and recommendations on the aspects of your website. This way, users will not only visit your website, but will also become customers.

Strategic analysis

We define the most relevant KPIs to give meaning to the data you are most interested in. As an analytics agency we offer you the key indicators for the study and monitoring of your website. Only this way can we have a positive impact on them and give a qualitative leap to your business.

Web analytics is an essential tool for your business

An e-commerce, corporate site, portal or blog should analyse its users to be able to give them a better experience than the competition. Web analytics services are essential to get the most out of any digital business and, of course, yours.

Our methodology as a web analytics agency

What our specialists offer you

We count on web analytics experts who are not satisfied with just capturing basic data. We are proactive and go a step further by proposing solutions that work.

Because web analytics is a great ally of SEO and other acquisition tools: it helps to improve the quality of traffic and, therefore, increase conversions.

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The positioning of your website in professional hands


If you can’t be seen, you don’t exist. And on the Internet even more so since more than 80% of users do not go beyond the first page of Google results.

The room for improvement in most of the projects we work on is very large. That’s why we design tailor-made strategies for each website to achieve maximum visibility in the top positions of search results and generate more business.

As an SEO company we are confident that we can help you achieve these goals, regardless of the sector you have a presence in. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to face any challenge.

If you want to maximise the profitability of your actions to attract qualified organic traffic, at agenciaSEO.eu we put all our resources at your disposal to achieve success together.

Which web analytics service do you need?

CRO Services

Turn your traffic into more sales Are you looking to improve your business results? CRO services increase the percentage of users who perform an action on your website: clicks, purchases, filling in forms, downloading an ebook...

Web Analytics Consultant

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Tag Manager Agency

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Google Analytics Agency

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Happy clients


If you look on Google you’ll see that we have a lot of positive reviews and ratings about our SEO company, the services we offer and the team that makes it all happen. 

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Participating in your project and taking it together to another level of SEO visibility could be the next big challenge 😉

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A real passion for people

We celebrate lunches with every new employee, birthdays, farewells… and whenever we feel like it. Because working together is great, but being friends is the best. A winning experience that you can be a part of too.


and devotion to our work

We treat every project as if it were our own. When you internalise this work philosophy, results come much faster and often exceed expectations. Would you like to see some of our projects?

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