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Would you like to know how users interact with your website? A Tag Manager agency will set up the necessary tags to collect all the important data about your business.

Collect all the information you consider basic for your website without the need for development implementations. Save time and maximise reporting capabilities in Google Analytics. This will allow you to make the most of the results of your site.

As a Tag Manager agency we offer you:

Installing Google Tag Manager

Without any extra costs for the developers. By implementing Google Tag Manager you will be able to create the necessary tags that will allow you to have control of your site.

Reviewing your account

What have you been doing over there? We review your current configuration and make recommendations to optimise data collection and monitoring of your business.

Google Tag Manager clean-up

We sweep the house for you. If you have Tag Manager configured without any order or sense, we reorganise the tags to make it easier for you to generate useful and practical reports in Analytics. Valuable information at a click of a button.

Tag migration

If you created tags before you had Tag Manager, that’s OK! Our specialists will map your existing tags and migrate them to Google Tag Manager.

How do we work with Tag Manager?


At agenciaSEO.eu we like to do things right. That’s why we make decisions based on real and objective data. 

As a Tag Manager agency we facilitate the implementation of tags that allow us to collect the necessary information for your company on the road to success.

Take the right path towards achieving your business goals. 


We help you collect strategic KPIs for
your business with Google Tag Manager
to make the right decisions.

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Tag Manager FAQs

What advantages does Tag Manager offer me?
Implementing Google Tag Manager on your website offers you a series of benefits apart from knowing first-hand how your customers interact with your brand.

You can measure user data without the need to be an expert in programming. In addition, the code of your website will be kept clean.

You centralise data measurement on a single platform. It also integrates with other Google services in a simple way.

You can manage and organise the tags to make it as practical as possible. There are no limits to the measurement of the data you are interested in, and it allows the integration of HTML elements to activate certain events.