SEO Audit

The most complete analysis to improve your website

Does your website meet all the best practices recommended by search engines and can your site be crawled and indexed by Google without any problems?

With our SEO web audit we will evaluate your current SEO status and determine which aspects you need to improve in order to achieve a better user experience. 

By hiring a SEO audit you will not have to worry about a web design that is not adapted to mobile devices, slow loading times, erroneous redirects, cannibalization for internal linking, among other factors that Google values negatively. 

Avoid dropping your ranking and losing traffic by detecting the main points of improvement in your website on time.

Our SEO audit services include:

Error detection

What’s going wrong? We analyse your website from the ground up. We crawl all URLs for architectural flaws, server responses, duplicate or thin content, redirected links and 50 other points that can affect your ranking.

Proposed improvements

We detect your website’s mistakes but…. where do we go from here? We prioritise the corrections thinking of their impact on your SEO and business goals. We establish a corrective task plan for the errors detected in the SEO audit, and specify the changes you need.

Implementation of changes

Yes, yes, everything sounds correct, but who implements it? WE: We develop the planned month-to-month tasks following the best practices for SEO optimisation of the website project. We note each correction of the audit to follow up and make adjustments if necessary.

Measuring results

You want to see the impact of your actions, don’t you? The results of SEO audit optimisations are not immediate. In addition to weekly monitoring, each month we study the impact on search engines to inform you of the progress achieved with the maximum precision.

How we perform a SEO Audit


At we have a team specialised in SEO audits with a long track record in recovering and optimising websites in search engines such as Google. 

Our consultants plan and execute optimisation strategies based on facts, results and SEO best practices. If you consider that something is wrong with your website and you are not obtaining the visibility you expected, with our audit you will know why and how to solve it.


The first step you need to take to correct
the problems that hinder your visibility.

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Do you have questions
about the SEO audit?

Why should I hire a SEO audit if my website is fine?

Like any other product, a website requires constant maintenance and supervision to ensure that it is optimised for maximum SEO potential.

Whether eCommerces, newspapers, blogs, or service platforms update their content on a regular basis, this has a direct impact on indexing, crawling and internal authority distribution, with an immediate effect on rankings.

A regularly scheduled SEO audit helps not only to detect and correct errors, but also to anticipate new trends in web architecture, content opportunities and semantic improvement by clusters.

What are the basic aspects to take into account in an SEO audit?

An SEO audit will help you understand how your company's website is performing and which steps should be taken to achieve the best positioning strategy for your digital business.

The aspects you should consider are: 

  • Current web positioning. 
  • Current positioning of competitors. 
  • Web site indexing.
  • Duplicate Content of indexed URLs.
  • Page speed.
  • Website security certificate (SSL certificate).
  • Responsive design. 
  • Page experience. 
  • Interlinking and broken links. 
  • Redirections.
  • Sitemap.
What to do after a SEO audit?

Once the SEO audit has been carried out, it is time to set priorities and implement all those actions that will help you to solve the digital problems of your business. 

Depending on your needs and available resources, you will have to schedule the actions with the aim of improving conversions and attracting new users to your website.