SEO Forecast

Make an estimate of your seo actions

Who wouldn’t like to know what the results of their investment will be? 

Although nothing is for certain in SEO, the SEO Forecast allows us to estimate the organic traffic that the website will receive after the implementation of various actions, as well as the expected conversions. 

Through the use of various tools, metrics and our own methodology, we help you to achieve a working model that allows you to identify opportunities for growth in your business. 

By opting for the SEO Forecast service you will be able to: 

Make a forecast of your business

Forecasting your strategy and scheduling the positioning actions that will be carried out allows you to be more precise for the future.

With SEO Forecast it is easier and more accurate to set future goals.

Detection of points for improvement of your website

Inspeccionamos cada enlace y web que apunta hacia tu proyecto. Valoramos su idoneidad, calidad, autoridad y perfil de enlaces para asegurarnos que es una web segura y que realmente aporta valor a tu estructura de enlaces externos.

Propuesta de campaña de links

The more the actions are worked on and detailed, the easier it will be to detect inaccuracies in the project. This will make it possible to identify and act on points of improvement within the strategy.

Increased return on investment

Improving deficiencies and streamlining work processes will improve your business results. Whether you are looking to grow in visits, purchases, or have another objective, the return on investment with forecast SEO increases.

Reasons to increase your investments

Backing up your actions with reliable data and numbers will become the best guarantee to continue with a strategy that is giving you profits.

How do we work the SEO Forecast?


With forecasting you can get a broader view of results and thus make better decisions. And at we know this. 

Our specialists will offer you an SEO projection of your business so that you can estimate what you will be able to achieve with your actions: visits, sales, recruitment and nurturing…


Predict the organic traffic of your business
with SEO Forecast

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SEO Forecast FAQs

What can a good organic positioning projection provide?

When using SEO Forecast we should understand that, like any other positioning action, it is a long-term investment.

That is why our estimates will be oriented to: 

  • Differentiation between organic and brand traffic.
  • If there is seasonality and/or patterns in the searches in your sector.
  • Expected and/or desirable CTR.The performance of the business over time.
  • The additional traffic that can be achieved over the defined target.
  • Potential conversions that could be achieved in the future.
What is needed for the SEO Forecast?
To be able to work on SEO forecasts, it is necessary to rely on the website's data, on its current situation in terms of conversions and traffic.

Based on these two KPI's, the next step is to know what the target keywords are and how the competition is doing.

From these metrics, a projection of organic web positioning can be made.
Why is it important to make SEO forecasts?
The SEO Forecast allows you to determine the levels of future web traffic as well as the value that this traffic can bring to your business. In this way, it allows you to focus your efforts and resources on certain SEO actions to achieve your objectives.

It is important to make these forecasts because it will help you to achieve your objectives at the end of the year: sales, users, keywords positioned, etc.