Local SEO

The fastest way to increase localised conversions

Do you know how many people search for local businesses every day? Millions

If you don’t have your Google My Business profile and you are not shown on Google Maps, you are missing out on traffic and sales opportunities – you are losing customers!

Local SEO services are especially important to improve the visibility of small and medium sized businesses, physical shops and businesses with multiple locations.

As a local SEO agency we help you to target and optimise your pages for geolocated searches. The goal is to make your business more accessible within your local community.

Our local SEO services will offer you:

To stand out in local searches

We help you to be a real alternative among the 95% of users who perform local searches. Local SEO is essential for those who are looking for a solution in a specific area or territory.

Immediate conversion

Among local searches, 88% make a purchase in less than 24 hours. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We will work on improving the geolocation of your business so that you are within this percentage.

Presence on Google maps

We will make it easier for your customers to find you thanks to geolocation. It is one of the best solutions for local SEO and you will be able to notice it in your web analytics results.

Improved online reputation

We will make it easy for your customers to rate and recommend your business to new potential customers. Reviews are so important that they can be a differentiating element between making a purchase or not.

How do we work on local SEO?

At AgenciaSEO.eu we are always committed to offering local SEO solutions for businesses that want to take advantage of searches in a specific location.

We set up and optimise your Google My Business profile so that it stands out from the rest in search engines and maps, and thus be the main option for your new client.

If you use our local SEO service, you will increase your revenue and area of influence in your immediate area.

Local SEO will boost your lead
generation and customer acquisition
in your area.

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What is local SEO?

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO allows a website to be positioned for relevant searches based on the user's current location.

Local SEO marketing is one of the great allies for local businesses that sell products or services only in their facilities or shops. Through geolocated SEO positioning it is also possible to attract high quality visits to corporate websites or websites with other more global objectives.

It is very useful to facilitate the user's geographic location thanks to the presence on maps and, in any case, it allows you to stand out from the competition since, when performing a geo SEO search, you always appear in the top positions of organic results.
How do local searches work?
Depending on where you are geographically, when you perform a localised search, the first results that will appear will be local, as well as a Google map with the location of the services in the chosen region.

In addition to the location, local searches also display information related to contact, opening hours or user reviews, among others.
What are the benefits of local SEO?
Local SEO allows you to increase the visibility of your business in the geographical location where you operate.

This advantage also translates into a greater reach of potential customers, thus increasing conversion. The more visits, the higher probability of purchase.

In addition to these benefits, local SEO does not require investment. These are actions that can be carried out without having to pay Google to appear in their geolocated results.