Google Penalty Recovery Service

Make sure Google doesn’t blacklist you

Is your website penalised? It is possible that you have made Google angry with some technique that the search engine does not allow.

Google is a great ally for businesses to have visibility on the Internet, but you have to follow its guidelines to avoid manual or algorithmic actions that sink it.

At we offer the SEO penalty recovery service to help you get back to your positions in Google.

It is a delicate task that does not offer immediate or certain results, because it depends on the level of the infraction you have committed. However, our methodology against Google penalties can help you.

Our SEO penalty service allows for: 

An understanding of what is the matter with Google and you

We analyse the possible causes of having suffered a SEO penalty on your website. 

Based on an exhaustive analysis, we offer you a diagnosis of what has led your website to drop positions or disappear from the search engines.

Improvement proposals

We design the strategy to follow to overcome the SEO penalisation, depending on the causes, scope and priorities of each one of them.

So, here is a list of tasks!

Implementation of actions

We implement the appropriate actions so that your website gives signals to Google that we are working along the right lines.

It is only a matter of time before your website recovers and stops being penalised.

Is there reconciliation?

After giving Google time to consider, analyse, index, de-index pages or links, we see how the implementation of the strategy has gone and if the results are as expected.

Depending on Google’s response, if there is a manual penalty with a clear cause, we will refocus the strategy or adjust the necessary details to achieve full recovery of the website.

How do we work on SEO penalties?


We develop our SEO penalties service with our own methodology, perfected after years of battling with Google.

Our team of experts in web positioning corrects from the most common problems to the most hidden ones in the history of your website.

Based on the analysis and the application of White Hat SEO techniques, we will try to recover your website.


We implement the changes that we
believe will be positive for your website,
and that will help you to get out of
Google's "punishment".

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Google Panalites FAQs

What may have caused a SEO penalty for my business?

When a website receives penalties from Google it is due to the use of bad positioning practices. This happens when the techniques used to rank do not follow Google's webmaster guidelines or proper and clean SEO strategies. 

Factors that may have led to your website being penalised include: 

  • Generating artificial links to modify domain authority.
  • Keyword stuffing, keyword over-optimisation and other factors.
  • Thin content.
  • Cloaking and misleading redirects.
  • Spun content without working
  • Duplicate content
  • Excessive advertising that impedes a positive user experience.
Can my website recover after being penalised?

Recovering a website after a SEO penalty will depend on the reasons that have caused this situation. 

If the penalty is due to a change in Google's algorithm, it is possible to recover the lost visibility by working on the optimisation of certain aspects. Although it will not produce immediate results. 

In the case that the penalty is derived from the implementation of practices related to black hat SEO, artificial or against the best practices guide for webmasters, it is possible that the website will never fully recover.

How long does it take for a penalised website to recover?

It is impossible to predict when a website with a SEO penalty will be visible again in the eyes of Google and the other search engines.

The implementation of good practices and the definition of an appropriate strategy will speed up this process, but dates cannot be set because it will depend on Google's interpretation. 

To give you an idea, Google does not usually revoke its manual penalty action at first, as they usually review your website in depth and may detect other errors that you will have to correct.