SEO Migrations

Don’t lose the traffic you already have

Do you need to migrate the content or change the domain of your website?

To avoid ranking lower, while losing traffic and conversions, you should rely on a SEO migration service that guarantees a correct update of your website.

Migrating a website and ensuring that it does not affect your SEO is a delicate process that must be carried out by an experienced and responsive professional team.

This is the only way to reduce the risk of losing organic traffic and maintain a certain visibility in search engines.

When hiring a SEO migration service, the following points are taken into account:

Type of migration

Depending on the type of migration you are going to perform on your website (site move migration, replatform, hybrid migration), we will offer you some common guidelines, and we will adapt the process to the CMS and other technologies used by your website project.

Site structure

We plan how the new website architecture will be, the navigation through each page and the contents to be included in the migration.

We take into account the structure so that the site is accessible to both users and search engines.

Content strategy

How they are currently working, which contents you should promote and which should be eliminated.

We identify your organic opportunities for you to convert them into valuable content.

Testing environment

We deploy the new website on a staging server to check page by page that everything works correctly.

We can also work on your own test server to make sure that no errors occur before publishing the website.

Measuring results

We check that everything has gone well with the migration by performing an automated crawl and a manual check of the main URLs.

When contracting the website migration service we offer you the tracking of the actions performed and monitoring from Search Console.

¿How do we carry out SEO migrations?


We perform SEO migration services ensuring that your business website adapts to both search engines and your potential customers.

We make sure we point you in the right direction so you maintain your current ranking.

Our expert migration team will always accompany you during the whole process.


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