Web analytics consulting

Put your web data to work

Do you know how to collect and interpret all the data from your website? The correct implementation and reading of analytics systems is key in the development of your projects and in making decisions for your business.

Counting on a web analytics consultant will help you to have a clear understanding of your website metrics. We can give you recommendations to increase the traffic and conversions of your business.

Understand what is happening on your website with a properly configured Google Analytics and set clear and realistic goals.

As experts in web analytics we offer you:

Implementation of Google Analytics

How do you collect data from your website? We set up your Analytics account in order to get reliable data from your business. If you already have it, the Google Analytics consultant will check if everything is accurate.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Audit

Based on your objectives, we implement the functions that can provide the most valuable information: events, objectives, advanced e-commerce, conversion funnels, customised dimensions…

Proper data analysis

You do not understand what you see? We teach you how to interpret the data provided by your web analytics and we recommend the actions you should take to achieve your business objectives.

Tracking your actions

We do not settle just for the correct set-up. We like to see that you make the right decisions for your business. As web analytics consultants we analyse the results of your optimisations to make sure you are on the right track.

How do we use Web Analytics?

From implementation to data analysis

At agenciaSEO.eu we like to know what is happening with your website traffic and if you are achieving all the goals you have set. 

Our web analytics experts review the different reports offered by Google Analytics so that you know which pages are or are not optimised, and you can improve conversions and user experience of your business.


Measure, analyse and make the right
decisions to improve your results.

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Web Analytics consultant FAQs

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