Generate more visitors and customers in your sector

Linkedin is the most important and qualified social network for professionals. Therefore, if you want to make your business known, it’s the perfect place to do it.

As a Linkedin Ads agency we help you boost your sales and generate highly qualified leads. 

Linkedin is an excellent B2B networking tool to expand your market in a natural way, through a much more professional and accurate segmentation than any other network. 

By counting on our Linkedin Ads agency service, you will achieve:

A strategy adapted to your needs

Linkedin has a lot of potential if you know how to exploit it. Our experts will determine where the opportunities are for your business and set a strategy oriented to your buyer persona. The goal is to achieve the maximum number of qualified conversions.

Sponsored content generation

We focus on the most effective advertising options on Linkedin. We generate ads, landing pages and content to get the most out of the dynamic orientation of the social network.

Sponsored InMail

We make the most of personalised emails. As a Linkedin advertising agency we target active prospects with attractive content to achieve conversions.

Analysis of actions

We offer you a broad view of user behaviour on LinkedIn so that you can see how your campaigns are working. This way we can validate the strategy or optimise it to achieve the expected benefits.

How do we work with advertising on Linkedin?

BENEFIT FROM THE LARGEST B2B We refine your campaigns to get the most out of your Linkedin Ads budget and attract potential customers who follow the conversion funnel to your products or services.

Take advantage of Linkedin to reach new companies and other markets at an international level.

Reach highly qualified customers with
a good Linkedin Ads strategy.

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Linkedin Ads FAQs

How can a Linkedin Ads agency help me?

Advertising on LinkedIn is totally different from other social networks. Among the benefits of betting on campaigns in this B2B tool are the following: 

  • Specific targeting. With Linkedin you can filter your audience in a very specific way to reach your real target: age, location, job position, studies, sector...

  • Social network for professionals. Linkedin users are active professionals, so they are likely to be interested in everything related to their work sector. 

  • Recruitment capacity. In addition to offering your services, Linkedin is also perfect for talent recruitment campaigns. You can focus your efforts on the platform and get great results.

  • Get to know your audience better. Linkedin allows you to generate forms that will allow you to get to know better what your core business thinks about you.
What advertisements can I create with Linkedin Ads?

Linkedin offers to users a variety of possibilities in the form of advertisements so that you can choose the one that best suits your objectives.

Among the options are:

  • Sponsored content. Publications that appear in the feed of Linkedin users.

  • Text ads. They usually appear in the top banner or in the right sidebar. They can be text or text with image.

  • Sponsored InMails. Messages that are sent to Linkedin members after a specific segmentation.

  • Dynamic advertisements. They adapt to the user.
    Display ads.
Why invest in LinkedIn Ads?

Linkedin Ads is a smart choice for companies and businesses that want to achieve higher conversions because:

  • It is a professional social network with a large number of users.
  • Unique targeting options. You can filter by sector, company size, job functions, job titles...
  • It allows geolocation and offers ads in a specific geographic area.
  • You can filter by products in a strategic way.