Advertising on Google Shopping

Put your products in the most powerful showcase

Do you have an eCommerce business? With Google Shopping you will be able to get the most out of your paid campaigns.

Investing in a Google Shopping agency will help you target your product ads and increase sales from your online store.

Show your products in a more appealing way and attract your potential customers’ attention through their eyes.

Appear in Google listings with optimized campaigns and improve your eCommerce sales with a lower investment.

As a Google Shopping agency we offer you:

Google Shopping Configuration

We connect your eCommerce store with Google Merchant Center to approve the account and we can appear in Google Shopping offering our products. We are partners of Channable, a tool to connect products. Working with a Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) like Channable, saves us almost 20% in the cost of the Click.

Correctly optimized products

We help you reach more buyers. We optimize the product listing with an attractive title and description that will ensure a higher search.

Target your potential audience

Starting with negative keywords we will make sure that everything you sell in your online store only appears to the right audience.

Constant monitoring

We periodically review your campaigns to boost what works, as well as optimize ads that can improve results.

How do we work with Google Shopping?

As a Google Shopping campaign services company, we know that your goal is to make money. Our experts will create customized strategies for your business to get the highest possible return on investment.

Our methodology will focus on promoting your inventory, increasing web traffic and finding new customers. All of this will lead to the ultimate goal: the sale.


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