estudiamos el comportamiento del usuario en tu web


We help you to understand how visits to your website really behave in order to achieve your goals. Web analytics allows, through the data, to track the actions of the users who visit your site.

definimos objetivos en función de los datos


We give significance to the data you are most interested in and help you define the most relevant KPIs. As a web analytics agency, we know how to provide you with the indicators to be taken into account for the study and monitoring of your website. Only in this way, we can have a positive impact and take your business to the next level.

Incrementa tus conversiones con nuestros informes


We propose suggestions and recommendations on the website so that your users, in addition to visiting you, become customers.

mejora tu negocio en internet


An e-commerce, corporate site, portal or blog needs to analyse its users to provide them with a better experience than the competition. That’s why web analytics services are essential to get the most out of any digital business and, of course, yours.

What is web analytics?

Through website analytics, you can analyse, measure and determine compliance with the KPI’s of any online business.

It helps to carry out a full website analysis and to facilitate its optimisation in order to improve future marketing proposals and increase its ROI.

In short, only by knowing the behaviour of the users and their origin, based on real data, it’s possible to determine business decisions with a greater probability of success.

Our web analytics methodology

We have a team of web analytic experts who are not satisfied with just capturing the basic data. We are proactive and go further, proposing solutions that work.

At our SEO agency we consider web analytics to be a great ally of SEO and other acquisition tools that will help improve traffic quality and increase conversions.

Defining the objectives

It’s crucial to know what you want to achieve. Therefore, our first step is to work together with the client to define the objectives of the website.

Analytical Configuration

Once the relevant KPIs of the business have been established, we will configure the digital analytical tool and the necessary objectives that allow us to monitor all the data.

Analysis of the information

We analyse and interpret the results of the stored data in depth. The objective of an SEO analysis for a website, for example, is to check if the actions being executed have the expected results.

Clear and accurate reporting

We prepare a complete report for our client specifying the aspects to be taken into account, together with the conclusions and recommendations.

Repeating the process

With all the conclusions, improvements and changes are made whose data must be re-studied, analysed and interpreted using web analytics. This is the usual process we use to optimise a website as best as possible and with a clear aim: to meet the objectives.

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