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Complete this information and receive an instant report with more than 50 criteria for SEO positioning and if your website is meeting them. Don’t wait any longer!

What is the SEO Checker?

The SEO checker allows you to check the on-page elements of your business.

This convenient SEO tool will allow you to perform a free web analysis.  You only need to follow three simple steps:

  • Enter the URL of your website;
  • The phrase or keyword you are interested in positioning;
  • Your email address.

After completing the fields, a window will open with the results of your SEO analysis that you can download in PDF. In less than a minute you will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

When you analyse the SEO of your website, it is possible to overlook certain aspects, or not give importance to certain actions that the web analyser does take into account.

What does the SEO Checker offer you?

If you choose our SEO analysis, te results will include:

Site Speed

How fast your page loads. A website where the user has to wait more than 1 second before it’s loaded increases its bounce rate. Which means that users are leaving the page immediately.

This SEO analysis will give you the average load time of your site, and whether your page is considered “heavy” (an element that affects the load). 

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URL of the website

Is the URL of your website easy to read for search engines? And is it associated with the niche in which you want to position yourself?

Our free web analytics will tell you if you’re fulfilling this aspect.

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Seo Headers

The title and description of your business is not only an element that will help you position your business, but will also become an incentive for your client to choose to enter your site. It must therefore be attractive and at the same time include the right keywords.

Besides the title and description, the other headers and tags that are used are also important.

In this case, the SEO analyzer focuses mainly on the aspect of web positioning.

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The images also position. And search engines are increasingly taking into account the ALT texts of images and whether they are loading correctly.

With this SEO tool you can check if the images appear correctly on your website.

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Content Analysis

Are the texts adding value and quality to your website? A good SEO analysis includes the importance of the content since it is a very influential factor for web positioning.

When you analyse a specific page, the data from web analytics will tell you if your current content is helping to achieve your goals.

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Code analysis

How your website is programmed also has a positive or negative impact on your business. Counting on a customized web development, carried out by professionals will always be the best option.

Know the status of what you “do not see” on your website and what might be affecting your results.

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Social Media Analysis

Is your audience using the “share on social media” buttons? And is your content being shared by others?

With the SEO tool, you will be able to influence these aspects and check your situation.

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Mobile analysis

Nowadays, most of your traffic will be coming from mobile devices. Therefore it’s important that besides the desktop version, your mobile website is working flawlessly.

Your website should be responsive, which means it looks and works the same on desktop and mobile. If your website is not responsive, this will influence your positioning negatively.

The SEO Checker will give you the status of the following points:

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Seo Link analysis

Link building is an aspect to be taken into account on every web page.

Besides an SEO web analysis, we enable you to get insight into the effectiveness of the links on a specific webpage from your business.

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Domain Analysis

Even if it’s the last thing we analyse with our SEO tool, it’s still as important as the rest. The domain of your website is fundamental for web positioning.

Regardless of whether your domain is branded or ranked, this aspect of web analytics cannot be overlooked.

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Web Improvements

After the small analysis done by our SEO analyzer, we will propose you a series of tasks that you will have to carry out if you want to improve the general state of your website.

Fulfilling these actions will be essential to ensure and improve your visibility in search engines.

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SEO Analysis: Compare yourself with your competition

The SEO Checker also allows you to discover several aspects related to your competition.

If you add the URL of a website that you consider as a direct competition to the SEO checker, the report will offer you a comparison between the both. This way, getting a general idea of where you are and where your competition is can help you to improve.

Lastly, keep in mind that the SEO test is simply a rough guide that gives you suggestions for improvement. However, if you want to grow your digital marketing strategy, it is better to count on experts. At our SEO agency we want to help you grow. Can we give you a hand?

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