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We are able to improve the visibility and positioning of your app in application stores ahead of the competition thanks to various ASO techniques that we master.

incrementa las descargas de tu aplicación con una estrategia ASO


The success of your app relies on its users. Therefore it’s crucial to know where to find them. Whether it’s for organic or paid traffic, we provide you with an ASO strategy that will help to boost your visibility and number of installations.

What is ASO?

App store optimisation is the process of optimising apps for searches within mobile application stores. It’s kind of like SEO for apps.

Nowadays, the most popular application stores are Google Play (Android), with 2.6 million apps, and the App Store (Apple), with 2.2 million apps.

More than 80% of these mobile applications do not have more than a thousand downloads in its first year after the launch. One of the main reasons is simply because of the lack of ASO strategies and app marketing. Without this, your app will not have any visibility or users.

Our ASO Methodology

We have many years of experience in the world of apps and its promotion. That’s why we can support you in the design and execution of an app promotion strategy that will help you attract users and monetise your application.

And, most important, getting them to find you in the stores. The key to success and rentability of your application is to execute a strong ASO strategy.

Pre-ASO Analysis

Whether it’s a new or already developed app, we conduct an in-depth analysis of its functionality, the sector, and its competence. This is the only way to create an effective SEO strategy for your app, based on keywords and in order to stand out in the world of mobile applications.

On-Metadata ASO

We optimise the On-Metadata ASO, which means, we improve the information in the app description in iOS or Android. This influences the positioning in Google Play and the App Store and, of course, the user’s decision to download. That’s why SEO is also a key element for apps.

Exclusive Designs

The design is also a differentiating factor for the success of an app. We create a unique icon and screenshots for the On-Metadata ASO, focused on generating a higher download rate. This is achieved through constant experiments and improvements based on objective and in-depth analytical data.

Monitoring and Management

We monitor the performance of the app and its competition in Google Play and the App Store to identify improvements in the app’s ASO. At the same time, we analyse how to increase the number of installations through a well-defined promotional strategy.

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